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A short hiatus

Hello gentle readers! You may have noticed that the site has been a bit quiet this past couple of weeks–that’s because I’m gearing up to release a game of my very own, an undertaking which sucks up a surprising amount of time. Since I’m the only writer for this site, that means coverage is on […]

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Steam curation!

Some of you may have heard yesterday that Valve has unveiled a new automated suggestions system to assist with game discoverability on Steam, telling people about popular games similar to titles they’ve spent a lot of time playing. At the same time, Steam has also received a new curation function, allowing people with Steam groups […]

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Back in a week!

Hey guys! I’m off to sunny Los Angeles for Indiecade, so I won’t be around to post for a few days. I’ll return next Tuesday. Until then, why not entertain yourselves with this adorable red panda video?

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At PAX East; brb!

Hey folks! I’m in Boston for PAX East. I totally had a post planned for today, but it took literally until just now to get internet access and actually post it. (Long story.) I’ll be returning to Chicago Monday, and resuming regular posting the day after. Until then, why not have a look at some […]

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Happy 300th!

Greetings, gentle readers! It occurred to me just now that we’ve passed our 300th post here on Before we break out the noise-makers, I hope you’ll forgive me if I take a moment to wax sentimental. It has been more than two and a half years since I began this site, hoping to provide […]

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Weekend quest: upvote stuff on Greenlight!

When I first created this site, I envisioned it as both a way for (1) people to find out about indie RPGs they might never have heard of, and (2) indie RPG developers to get attention they might never have received otherwise. Recently, Valve created a way for people to not only get attention for […]

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The indie RPG community hasn’t had a good community hub for quite some time, and I like the thought of having one here on Hence, the new forums. I intend these to serve as a place for us to respectfully discuss indie RPGs, and as a place for indie RPG developers to mingle with […]

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The wrong man for the job

When I woke up last Saturday morning, it was thundering: outside (loudly) and in my head (with a dull throbbing). I had drunk too much the night before, gone to bed, and gotten hired to write game reviews. And I was entirely the wrong man for the job.

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Welcome to!

Welcome to, a new web site dedicated to indie computer RPGs! There are two reasons for this site to exist: Mainstream RPG websites fixate mostly on big studio releases; Indie games websites tend to ignore RPGs. Those two things, taken together, mean that the vast majority of indie RPGs get passed over for coverage. […]

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