New release: Phantasmaburbia

Greg “Banov” Lobanov has just released Phantasmaburbia, his jRPG opus about a suburban subdivision infested with ghosts and the small band of teenagers who must fight increasingly desperate odds to save it.

The year is 201X (twenty-X-teen) and Owl Creek, a small modern neighborhood, has suddenly been overrun with ghosts. Four local kids, wielding weapons found in their homes and assisted by spirits of their ancestors, go on a suburban adventure to fight them.

If you liked the minigame-filled Dubloon (Banov’s previous game), this one will be right up your alley. Like Dubloon, Phantasmaburbia is a highly streamlined experience with a lot of tricks up its sleeve to keep gameplay varied and interesting. However, Phantasmaburbia has the advantage of being much more polished and atmospheric than its predecessor.

Here’s the launch trailer, which starts off silly and eventually gets around to showing some of Phantasmaburbia’s cooler features:

You may recall that I recorded my first impressions playing the game here, if you want to get a slightly better sense of how Phantasmaburbia plays. Or better yet: grab the demo and try it for yourself!

Phantasmaburbia is currently $9.99 for launch, though Banov informs me that the price will be reverting to $14.99 in roughly two weeks’ time. Phantasmaburbia is Windows-only, though Banov has stated that a Mac port is on the way. Grab the full game here.

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