Back to Back: indie RPGs to fund

Back to Back returns once more! I did a little investigation to see what happened to some of the games listed in our last Back to Back. So far, good news: Fortis Rex, Data Hacker Initiation and Halfling Wars each ended their campaigns successfully, while the remaining games are Indiegogo titles that simply haven’t ended their campaigns yet. Those appear below once more, along with a bevy of new titles:

  • Caravaneer 2 — an isometric post-apocalyptic survival wRPG / economic sim (previously covered here).
  • Cryamore — a Zelda-alike that seems to borrow its level progression system from Mega Man. (Note: this one is already funded nearly three times over; in the interests of having as many projects succeed as possible, I suggest donating elsewhere.)
  • Days of Dawn — after an abortive first attempt, Bumblebee is making a second go at crowdfunding this quite attractive-looking jRPG; they’ve raised over $27,000, but time is running short.
  • Delver’s Drop — a 2.5D Zelda-alike (previously covered here).
  • Hartacon Tactics — a 2D isometric tactical fantasy RPG (previously covered here).
  • Heroes of Steel — a 2D post-apolcalyptic tactical RPG for Android (previously covered here).
  • Paradigm Shift — a 2D jRPG.
  • Terra Incognita — this is not the Terra Incognita we covered a few weeks ago; rather, this is a straightforward 2D jRPG made in RPG Maker.

Your funding can make the difference for some of these games; give them a look!

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