Jorvick announced, temporarily shelved

A little bit of digging on Steam Greenlight reveals the existence of Jorvick, a jRPG with a unique art style in development by TACS Games. (I link to the game’s Greenlight page because it appears to be the only official page that currently exists for the game–hopefully that will change at some point.)

The premise is very short: “A strange land of giant flowers and terrible beasts! Explore and learn the secrets of Jorvick!” Based on the screenshots I’ve seen, it appears that you’ll be in control of astronauts who’ve crashed on an alien world–but that’s just speculation on my part.

Here is the planned feature list:

  • Deep strategic turn based combat
  • Risky exploration that rewards the adventurous
  • Beautiful story told through in engine cutscenes
  • Level your characters using the nanosphere system
  • Battle many and giant foes
  • Learn the secret of Jorvick

TCS Games states that Jorvick is being developed for Windows, Mac and Linux.

There’s no word yet on an expected release date; the developer’s last blog post about it, from September, mentions that “it’s very early days,” and a more recent comment below the post indicates that it’s “shelved temporarily” while the developer works on an as-yet-unnamed strategy RPG for the Vita and Playstation Mobile. A little early for an obit, then–I’ll be investigating further. In the meantime, why not look at some nice screenshots for a game that might or might not come to be?


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