Data Hacker: Reboot announced

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Ross Tunney writes in to announce that New Reality Games has begun development on Data Hacker: Reboot, a jRPG sequel to Data Hacker: Initiation and Data Hacker: Corruption (both mentioned in prior Back to Back articles). As with the rest of the games in the series, the setting of Data Hacker: Reboot is a sort of a Matrix-meets-the-multiverse thing, where everything occurs across distinct virtual realities powered by computers.

The devs describe the narrative premise as follows:

There exist countless virtual realms beyond our current understanding or reach; blurring the lines between the real and the virtual. The Cava are coming. Darkness incarnate; they are the pre-cursor to what is left of reality blinking out of existence once more. There is a hidden force behind them; a barely comprehensible foe. How does one defeat an entity whose being resides across multiple dimensions?

The following features are planned for inclusion in the finished game:

  • A classic side-view Turn-based combat system
  • Bond with Familiars for unique skills and attributes
  • Over 70 classes to unlock
  • Switching classes allows you to retain all learned skills
  • Hack both monsters and people for unpredictable results
  • Professional Voice-Acting
  • Optional dungeons, bosses and quests
  • Trioarch; the addictive trading card game, featuring over 100 cards
  • Town Building! Manage the ‘refugee’ town; including immigration, protection, resource distribution…
  • Player investment- your save file continues from one act to the next

Data Hacker: Reboot is currently on Kickstarter. Both of its precursors were successfully funded, and it seems that this one is on course to get funding as well (though I am assured that they’ll simply try again if the campaign fails). You can go pitch in right here if this title strikes your fancy.

DH:R is tentatively planned for release in January 2015; Windows only.

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