Back to Back: Indie RPGS to fund

Since we last looked, only one Kickstarter campaign from our last Back to Back has ended: Himeko Sutori, unsuccessfully. Luckily, a bunch of games remain in search of crowdfunding, and we have a whole raft of new ones joining in this time around:

CrossCode – a 2D Zelda-alike / action RPG in a sci-fi setting, featuring some slick pixel art. It’s raised €18,247 out of an €80,000 (about $88,500) goal with 24 days remaining.

Edge of Eternity – this 3D jRPG is funded almost 3 times over with 17 days left to go; there’s a playable pre-alpha demo, too (Windows / Mac / Linux).

Icy – a survival wRPG set in the “White Wasteland” (which could easily be a nickname for Dayton, Ohio, but instead describes a post-apocalyptic world wracked by a new Ice Age). You’re responsible for keeping a group of nomads alive in the face of limited resources, randomized events, and a non-linear overarching plot. Icy has a worryingly low $2,500 funding goal; frankly, that is not even close to enough money for an 8-person team to develop a proper wRPG (or even add an appreciable degree of polish to one). Regardless, Icy has doubled the goal with $5,361 raised, and has 23 days left to raise an actual budget of some description.

Infernax – this Castlevania -style 2D side-scrolling action RPG is fully funded with 16 days left on the clock.

Legends of Pixelia – previously covered here, this one is a 2D action RPG with co-op multiplayer and fighting mechanics inspired by side-scrolling brawlers like Streets of Rage or Final Fight. It’s raised $215 out of its $2,500 goal with 20 days remaining.

Seaworthy – a pirate-themed roguelike-like modeled partially after FTL; this involves pretty much everything that it sounds like it involves. It’s pulled just under half of its $44,000 goal so far, and has 5 days left to make up the difference.

Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire – this lovely-looking isometric turn-based tactical RPG has raised an addition $12,00 since we last looked, though that still leaves it about $40,000 shy of its $68,000 Aud goal with 15 days left to go. Personally, I’m hoping that it rallies in its final days and hits the goal.

Underworld Ascendant – the spiritual sequel to Ultima: Underworld, Underworld Ascendant has surpassed its $600,000 funding goal by more than $125,000; it is now in its final 2 days.

Unraveled – a 2D jRPG / platformer that we previously covered here, melding fantasy and a look at the real-life ship breaking industry. Unraveled has raised $2,810 out of its $15,000 goal so far, with 16 days remaining. There’s a free 2-hour demo out for it, which you can grab here.

WarRab: Veteran – this oddball 2D jRPG / platformer has now surpassed its extremely modest funding goal of $200; 6 days remain for it to receive further support. Free demo here.

Windwalkers – things aren’t looking so good for this 3D co-op multiplayer action RPG. It’s raised a little over $90,000 Cad of its $330,000 Cad goal, and is now in its final 2 days.

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