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Game review: Warlock’s Bounty

Title: Warlock’s Bounty Developer: Attic Squad (Emil Bakalinov) Platforms: Android OS Price: $2.65, Lite version available for free I am an Android owner who is often frustrated with the lack of compelling RPGs on offer from the Google Play store. That being the case, I was super-excited to try out Warlock’s Bounty by Attic Squad. Warlock’s […]

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First impressions: Minion Master

We recently wrote about the upcoming strategy/CCG hybrid  Minion Master, coming soon from BitFlip games. Since our write-up we’ve been fortunate enough to take the game for a spin so we can provide some early impressions of this game as it takes shape. If you’ve played a collectible card game such as Magic: The Gathering […]

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Minion Master available for pre-order

I love a good tabletop war game, and I love Collectible Card games. Sadly, this love can never be due to the difficulties and constraints of living on a physical plane of existence. I want desperately to collect and paint miniature versions of heroic soldiers and horrifying monsters, but the limitations of a shared one-bedroom […]

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