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7-Day Roguelike Challenge to begin tomorrow

Ah, sigh. I love so much of what roguelikes represent, and yet I remain a neophyte in the actual roguelike community. This, for instance. How did I not know about the 7-Day Roguelike Challenge? But wait–maybe you don’t know about the 7-Day Roguelike Challenge either! Let’s learn together: A Seven-​​Day Rogue­like (7DRL) is a rogue­like […]

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RPGDX Alternate History Challenge Complete!

RPGDX has just wrapped up its annual short-form RPG challenge. All participants had from August 9th to August 18th to create an RPG having to do with the challenge theme, Alternate History. Here is a list of the games that were finished within the time constraints of the challenge: —If Only, a short but funny […]

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