New release: Dark Quest

Dark Quest
Oh dear. Pocket Tactics reports on the release of Dark Quest, a turn-based fantasy dungeon crawler for Android, iPhone and iPad by Brain Seal Ltd.

The premise:

An evil sorcerer has appeared in the lands, he has built a dungeon in the nearby village of faladir, where his minions use it as a base to raid the surrounding villages to bring terror and death to all its citizens. A hero by the name Zantor dares to defy the powers of the sorcerer and seeks to destroy the dungeon and put an end to this.

Dark Quest’s title art bears more than a passing resemblance to that of the board game Hero Quest, from the scene composition to the logo, right down to the nearly identical pose of each game’s wizard. Compare:


Now, it’s been a long, long time since I played Hero Quest, and I haven’t played Dark Quest at all, so I don’t want to speculate on what other things Dark Quest might have borrowed–but in my opinion, the developers are practically begging for a lawsuit on the basis of that title art alone. (Amusingly, despite the fact that they changed the dwarf into an archer for their title art, the three playable character classes in Dark Quest are in fact “The Warrior,” “The Wizard” and “The Dwarf”; there is no archer class!)

Here is the trailer–those more familiar with Hero Quest than I might be able to divine more:

Dark Quest is currently being sold for £1.99 on the Apple App store and $0.99 on Google Play. I do not support cloning, and as such, I will not be providing a link to this game until I’m convinced that it went no further than aping Hero Quest’s title art. On the strength of user comments below, I’ve added in the links.

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