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Hello friends! I’ve once again managed to eke out a few hours of uninterrupted time at home to take a look at an indie RPG sent to me by the developer; this time around, it’s the sci-fi jRPG Cosmic Star Heroine by Zeboyd Games. With FRAPS a-frappin’ and mouth a-yappin’, I experienced the first 50 […]

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Well! It’s been a little bit since I last posted one of these, hasn’t it? My backlog hasn’t grown any shorter in the interim, but I figured I should get back to it. As such, I (somewhat arbitrarily) selected The Tenth Line from among those games that had been sent to me as the subject […]

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Whalehammer Games provided me with a review copy of Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire, and as is my wont, I tried it out for an hour or so while recording the results. Here they are! So, what’d I think?

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Greetings, indie RPG fans! Stephen Anthony, developer of Ara Fell, was kind enough to supply me with a code to check out the finished game, and after months of scrambling for time, I went ahead and checked it out while recording the experience. Here’s the first not-quite-an-hour of the game, with my live commentary/voice acting […]

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Celestian Tales: Old North has been on my to-play list for quite some time, and I finally got around to giving the start of the game a go this past weekend. As per usual, I recorded as I went–here is the result! My thoughts:

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Hey guys! You might have noticed that I managed to record and upload a couple of new episodes of Checks Out over the weekend! First up was Balrum–you can see the first 50 minutes or so below: So, what’d I think?

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Hey folks! Sean Hayden of Rad Codex was good enough to send a review copy of Voidspire Tactics my way. I was curious to see how it played, so I did what I customarily do in these situations: I sat down to play it with FRAPS a’frappin and headset mic a’ready for yappin’. Here are […]

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Movie night: Zombasite

You know what we haven’t had in a while (and by “a while,” I mean “two entire years”)? Movie night, that’s what! Settle in, folks, and let’s watch a  video! Here’s the first sneak peek at Soldak Entertainment’s up-and-coming zombie aRPG Zombasite (previously covered here):

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It took a bit longer than I wanted due to some technical hiccups, but I finally got a chance to sit down and play Antharion while recording the experience. You can see the first 40 minutes or so of the game riiiiight here, complete with commentary: So! What’d I think?

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As sometimes happens here on, indie developer Dustin Auxier was good enough to provide me with a build of his recently released game, The Enchanted Cave 2. I’ve played it a bit here and there over the past few weeks, then finally sat down to play and record the results. You can follow along […]

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