Have news? Know of a good indie RPG that needs attention? Send us an email, or post about it on the forums.


Attention Developers! Please include the following in your email to us:

  • The name of the game.
  • A link to the game’s home page.
  • A link to screenshots or video (a trailer or gameplay video–not a Kickstarter pitch).
  • A description of the game’s premise.
  • A description of the game’s basic mechanics (action RPG, jRPG, etc.), as well as a short list of salient features.
  • What platforms the game is for (Windows, iPhone, etc.)
  • The game’s release date. (If you don’t know the release date, just say when you’re tentatively planning to release it.)
  • If you are running a crowdfunding campaign, please also provide a short explanation of what happens in the event that the game does not get funded.

If you want a first impressions video / write-up of your game, or you want to be interviewed, please mention that in your email as well.


(Note: please make sure your game is of the type of game that we cover! only covers single-player, indie games of the following types: RPG, Zelda-alike, story-driven fantasy strategy, and Metroidvania-with-RPG-elements.)