Avernum 6 released!

Jeff Vogel is, in his own words, “older than the stones and the dirt.” He’s been releasing indie RPGs since 1994, which makes him one of the great-grandaddies of the indie RPG scene.

Vogel’s company, Spiderweb Software, just released the final chapter of his Avernum series, Avernum 6, on Friday.

The site describes Avernum 6 thusly:

Travel into the strange subterranean land of Avernum, full of dungeons, labyrinths, and constant warfare. A final set of disasters threatens to destroy your homeland in a spasm of famine and warfare. Only you can help your people to get to safety before everything falls apart.

So, it’s probably safe to assume that there’s going to be a lot of warfare involved. Demos are available for both Windows and Mac.

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