Interview with Steven Peeler

Boy, this is a big week for developer interviews, isn’t it? Jay Barnson conducts another interview, this time with indie RPG dev Steven Peeler, the mastermind behind Soldak (and therefore, the mastermind behind real-time dungeon crawlers Din’s Curse, Depths of Peril, and Kivi’s Underworld).

Rampant Games: Why indie RPGs? What prompted you to go after one of the most challenging game genres right out of the chute, and what has kept you on that path?

Steven Peeler: I like RPGs. It really is about that simple. Since I started Soldak, the “smart money” in the indie world has shifted from making match 3 games to hidden object games to iPhone apps and now to Facebook social games. I could have worked on any of these to “make the quick bucks”, but if I can’t work on something I love, what’s the point of being an indie?

Here’s the full thing. And, just for fun, here is another interview Peeler gave to from earlier this year.

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