New releases: Dubloon and Choice of Broadsides

This is apparently something of a week for nautical-themed RPGs. Banov has released his freeware JRPG “Dubloon,” which he describes as a “point-n-click pirate RPG adventure game.” It’s available here–you can see a short gameplay vid of it below:

Meanwhile, I’ve received an email from Heather Albano of Choice of Games, who has recently released Choice of Broadsides, a “swashbuckling naval adventure.” The way she describes it, CoB is a text-based game with a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-style interface, only different. Heather writes:

Normal CYOA stories cause the plot to “fork” at every decision point; as a result, the story can’t have more than half a dozen decision points.  (If each decision point has about four options, then six decision points = 4096 pages!)

With stats, we can craft a new kind of multiple-choice game, where your decisions can change your character instead of (immediately) forking the plot. In later vignettes, some branches may open while others close based on your earlier roleplaying choices; ultimately, this determines which ending you get.

The game is available for free on their website, and on the iPhone as well.

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