Recettear release date announced

Carpe Fulgur have announced an official release date for Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale, a Japanese indie RPG (and, as I understand, an indie jRPG as well) in which you play an item shop owner. The game involves actually managing the item shop, and doing the odd dungeon-delving here and there to obtain more stock.

Word has it that the game will be hitting Stardock’s Impulse store around September 10th. Until that day arrives, you can try out a demo, already available right here.

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  • Pasty says:

    this is crazy. keep posting zany stuff like this (when you can find it, of course)!

  • NPB says:

    Bah. I’ll wait until more distributors are confirmed. I would rather cut out the middle man or purchase a physical copy. A shrink-wrapped CD/DVD would do nicely.


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