New release: Jade’s Journey

Aldorlea Games writes in to announce the release of a new RPG Maker jRPG by the name of Jade’s Journey. I’d like to tell you something about it, but all they have up is the following plot description:

Join Jade in her journey to master her powers and save her father!
Jade is a regular girl living in a regular village until one day… it all changes.

Seriously, that’s it. Oh, and there are a couple of screenshots of a girl standing outside of a couple of different buildings. So the game features buildings for sure. And grass. If you like girls standing in the grassy areas outside of buildings, this game may be for you.

EDIT: I am informed that Aldorlea Games did not actually make this game: this game is by Warfare Studios.

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  • loloxthelolofarn says:

    This is so different from the plot of most RPGs!!!
    Maybe they surprise us with a plot twist of…your destiny being to save the kingdom/world!

  • pasty says:

    i love grass. also, towers. towers are pretty neat.

    i also like when everything changes. all of it. game is so bought.

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  • 68765 says:

    I wonder what the adverts for the old zelda games where like?

    An elf with pointy ears travels from a-4 to b6 seeking the next dungeon. Who is the old man? 99000 bushes to burn. 10 of them may hold some great secret.

    I bet there was karate and special effects. This seems like a lazy pitch even by the do it yourself approach. May as well duct tape that ceiling fan on

  • Jana Jee says:

    A very poorly made and amateur game with absolutely minimum effort put into it. I can’t believe anybody can be stupid enough to buy this game.

    Well if people like loloxthelolofarn are dumb enough to think that “saving the world” is something unique to a RPG and a game is exciting because it has grass or buildings. Then I think the maker of Jade’s Journey is really wise to dupe these poor fools and make their purse lighter.

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