Parodies: Super Press Space to Win Action RPG and Linear RPG

While I have the presence of mind to remember to do this, I want to share a couple of free (and extremely well-done) jRPG parodies I’ve had the pleasure to experience over the past year.

Super Press Space to Win Action RPG and Sophie Houlden’s The Linear RPG are both scathing critique of jRPG conventions. Both games take modern jRPGs to task for offering up repetitive, mind-numbing battles with no meaningful tactical choices.

While The Linear RPG takes a more insightful look at the overall mechanics and progression of these games, Super PSTW RPG rips apart the narrative tropes of these games with fine-edged precision. Both games are playable in-browser, and I recommend playing them both.

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  • CC says:

    Funnily enough, my six-year-old really enjoyed “Super Press Space to Win”. He was riveted, played it through twice, and the irony was completely lost on him. To him, it was a game that he could play.

    The game is, rightly enough, a scathing critique of the linearity of jRPG’s, but seeing my son enjoy it drove home that there is still a reason that the jRPG’s are popular, namely, that it’s a story that you’re along for the ride with. The interaction and control you have is illusory, sure, but if you’re enjoying the story, well, maybe it doesn’t matter.


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