Cthulu Saves the World reviewed on RPS

John Walker of Rock Paper Shotgun has written a review of indie dev Zeboyd‘s new jRPG Cthulu Saves the World. He takes issue with the random battles and magic point balancing, but otherwise seems to enjoy the game.

This comes in the form of a top-down, old-school RPG, reminiscent of Nintendo classics, as you wander pixel lands, visit pixel towns, and conquer pixel caves, all in the search of heroic deeds. And while it’s undoubtedly a spoof, it also remembers to be a coherent, detailed RPG in its own right. The variety of monsters to fight alone is utterly extraordinary. However far through the game I may be, and I’ve been playing for many hours, I’ve encountered literally hundreds of unique enemies, each with particular fighting styles, their own mini-bios, animations, and a special look for when Cthulhu turns them insane.

CStW, in other words, is a traditional jRPG. Interestingly, it functions a bit like Deadly Sin 2 in that random battles eventually cut off. Rather than letting the player find and deactivate a monster node, however, each screen has a custom cap on the maximum number of random encounters you can get. Once that cap is reached, they stop entirely. Personally, I like DS2’s approach better, but it’s good that they thought to limit the random battle grind at all.

Zeboyd is offering the game bundled with their previous effort, Breath of Death VII, on Gamersgate for a trifling $3. More details on getting the game here. Meanwhile, here’s a trailer so you can see what this game looks like in action:

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