Legend of Grimrock Announced

Finnish indie developers Almost Human Ltd. have just announced a new first-person dungeon crawler for the PC, Mac and iOS by the name of Legend of Grimrock. They describe the game as a grid-based dungeon delver of the Wizardry variety:

Legend of Grimrock is a fantasy game loaded with underground adventuring, tricky puzzles, combat and role-playing elements. In other words, it’s a dungeon crawl game.

Based on the screenshots they’ve released, it appears you’ll be able to play with a party of 4 characters, and that humans and minotaurs will be among the available races. Also, it’s apparent that the game features some pretty slick graphics. Beyond that, however, details on the game are sparse right now. More info as it comes!

UPDATE: Almost Human have released a short teaser showing off some smooth, smooth in-game animations. Good lord, this game is pretty.

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