New release: Choice of Intrigues

I received an email a couple of weeks ago about a new “Choice Of” game release, Choice of Intrigues. It begins:

Dear Craig,

Have you ever wished to be the heroine of a romance novel? Think you could have run Anne Boleyn’s life better than she did? Want to walk a mile in Princess Kate’s gorgeous shoes?

Uhhhhhhhhhh…so, I think that’s pretty clearly a big “no” right across the board–but that said, I’m equally sure that there will be some readers to whom those things sound delightful. So here I am, posting about it.

In fairness, having now taken the game for a spin, I can report that you don’t actually have to play as a pretty pretty princess. You can choose to be male or female, and can actually decide your character’s sexual orientation as well.

As with all of the Choice Of titles, it is a multiple-choice game with stats. You have a fair bit of control in the character creation process, specializing in two of four areas and choosing one area as a weakness. Gaygamer did an interesting review of the game here–if you’re curious, they go into its premise and mechanics in greater depth.

Choice of Intrigues is a continuation of the earlier multiple choice title Choice of Romance; it is available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices as an in-app purchase from within that game at a price point of $1.99.

Alternatively, you can nab both games at once on Kindle as part of a bundle called Affairs of the Court. Affairs of the Court is currently $0.99 on Amazon though the price will rise to $1.99 on July 25.

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