Warlock – Tower of Fentrax Announced

Developer Roman Zeitl of Dynamic Games writes in to let us know about the development of a new RPG by the name of Warlock – Tower of Fentrax. ToF is modeled in large part on Ultima IV and V, with a big emphasis on wilderness survival:

Tower of Fentrax will be a roleplaying game that focuses on the dangers of the world in which it takes place. But where the main threats in other RPGs are your foes ToF pays more attention to natural dangers. What if you get sick on your journey through the world? What if the forced march of the last few days has destroyed your boots? Or even simpler: What if you are hungry and have nothing to eat? What if you are tired and far away from home? These (and many other) questions, just like the consequences of your response to them will play a major role in ToF.

The official announcement is here. I’d post a screenshot, but the screenie on their website is apparently “pre-alpha” and not representative of what the game will look like. For now, I suppose we’ll just have to imagine Ultima IV, still tile-based, but prettier.

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