New release: The Fall of Gods

GeexGames writes in to announce the XBLIG release of The Fall of Gods (TFoG was evidently released for the PC on July 26, 2011).

I’m not going to bother summarizing TFoG’s generic story. (Playing the game, one gets the overwhelming sense that the developer didn’t care much about it, so why should we?) That said, TFoG uses a pretty neat implementation of the RPG Maker XP engine to produce an action RPG a la the old top-down Zeldas.

The free demo lets you play for up to 60 minutes in 8-minute increments, so feel free to give it a try and see if you like it. To buy the full game, you will need to pay (and I quote) “9.99 USD or 7.50 USD.” The link to buy the PC Version of the game takes you to a page where the price is $9.99, so I can only assume that the XBLIG version accounts for the alternate $7.50 pricing.

While you wait for the demo to download, here is the game’s official trailer:

EDIT: Oh, I almost forgot; they’re doing some manner of promotion where you can win a free copy of the full game if you give their game a 5/5 rating on XBox Live Indie Games. Frankly, I don’t think this is entirely ethical, but here are the details if you want to participate anyway:

I offer 3 xbox free copies of the game every week during 4 weeks.
All you need to do is to rate the game 5 stars on Xbox Live Indie Games and PM me your gamertag at :

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  • GeexGames says:

    Thanks for the review
    The 7.5 was a special discount for some members of partner site
    But now the game is 7.5 USD anyway

    There’s no 5 star rating indeed. To win you just need to send me your gamertag, should you be interested

  • GeexGames says:

    A huge patch of the game with new spells and many more has been released in XBLIG
    Xbox360 gamers…enjoy 🙂

    PC version will follow with the same improvement + a point and click feature
    PC gamers…enjoy LOL


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