New release: Path of Thanatos

Joshua Hallaran of Critical Games writes in to announce the release of Path of Thanatos, a traditional jRPG made in RPG Maker XP.

The game’s backstory revolves around a man named Kale who can communicate with animals and other creatures. He is eventually cast out of human society, joins with a group of monsters, vanishes, then somehow reappears with godlike powers and commences a campaign of vengeance against humanity. That’s the bad guy. You don’t get to play him. You just play some schlub whose dad was once a general in a war.

Your Father is blamed for the murder of the King and taken away to be executed, your village is attacked and destroyed by monsters, and there is a plot in motion that could very well begin the Fourth Great War. What begins as a simple quest to rescue your Father shall become a fight for the survival of the human race…

So there’s that. Josh writes that PoT contains at least 7 hours of gameplay, and retails for a mere $8. There is a free demo available here, which you can use to try out the game before making any rash decisions. Meanwhile, here is (what else?) a trailer:

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