Rampant Games posts new Indie News Roundup

It’s been a bit of a slow month for indie RPG news so far, but that hasn’t dissuaded the intrepid Jay Barnson from penning another news round-up collecting the latest dribs and drabs of information about upcoming (and already-released) indie RPGS into one useful post.

Piggy-backing off of Jay’s round-up, here is all of the important news from the past few weeks that didn’t make it into its own post here on IndieRPGs.com:

  • Geneforge–and I’m talking about the entire series here–has made it onto Steam. It’s $19.99 for all five games, which is a pretty absurd(ly good) deal, particularly so given that these are known to be some very good games.
  • Telepath RPG: Servants of God has seen another big update, with lots of new content and bug fixes, for those of you who enjoy things like “adventures” and “branching dialog” and “the game not crashing.”

Here is the video showing off S&S:UG’s graphical overhaul:

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