New release: Wanderlust: Rebirth

Here’s another one for the “New to Me” file. Team Wanderlust writes in to inform me of the existence of their four-player co-op action RPG, Wanderlust: Rebirth. This one was evidently released in mid-June of this year, if you believe the reviewer over at TIGSource (personally, I believe him).

Here is how the developers describe the game:

Wanderlust (the game) is an online, fantasy, 4 player party-based arcade-action rpg game made with Game Maker. Wanderlust: Rebirth officially began on December 24th, 2006. Our hope is to make Wanderlust a strong community-oriented game, where our players will make new friends and experience a great novel-esque story with one another!

So this is the second indie, Secret-of-Mana-style game I’ve reported on in the past couple of months. Pretty cool. I’m not sure what “novel-esque” means, much less in the context of a 4 player party-based arcade-action RPG. Maybe the story is like that of a novel about characters who run around and whack things a lot and level up? One way or another, though, the game does look like fun. Check out the trailer:

Also worth mentioning: the game is currently on sale for 50% of its normal price from now until December 25th, meaning that you can pick it up for a measly $5 (or $15 if you want to snag four copies, one for you and three for friends to play co-op with you.)

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