Fabula Divina announced

Cannon Technologies writes in to announce the development of a game called Fabula Divina for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Fabula Divina is a 2D tile-based affair modeled on the classic Ultima titles of yore. (So far it reminds me mostly of Ultima V, but it’s too early in development for me to draw any sort of firm conclusions.)

They offer the following blurb to describe what they’re shooting for, though mostly it just kind of makes a vague appeal to nostalgia:

Fabula Divina is a modern day twist on an old, old friend.  A friend you had fun with back in the 80s and early 90s.

Borrowing on principles made popular in Ultima, Dungeon Siege, Dungeons & Dragons and RogueLike games, Fabula Divina also borrows on some more modern RPG techniques such as skills and open style game play.

Fabula Divina is first and foremost a tactical RPG.  Turn based RPGs are lost on today’s gaming world, and in turn a style of game play which is still perfectly valid has become nigh extinct.

You can get the latest public alpha for free on this page of the Fabula Divina website and test drive the game yourself. Be warned: it’s still in that early stage of development where core systems are still being added and refined, so there isn’t too much to see yet content-wise. The developer accepts Paypal donations, which you may contribute if you feel the urge to see this project come to fruition.

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