Cohorts of Kargonar announced

Roman Bolzern and Marko Brasovan have emailed me about a new indie browser-based MMORPG by the name of Cohorts of Kargonar. They’ve been working on this game for four years already, which is–let’s be honest–a pretty long damn time to wait before announcing a game.

Still, it looks like they’ve been spending that time well. Cohorts of Kargonar features pleasant 2D graphics, turn-based party-based combat, skill tree progression, class promotion, quests with multiple endings, and a village-building mechanic that basically lets you create your own home town. You can visit other players’ villages too, which is kind of a neat twist (though it isn’t immediately apparent to me what this last option really does for you, seeing as towns seem to function more or less as graphical menus).

This video will probably do a more thorough job of explaining how it all works than I could (albeit much more long-windedly):

There doesn’t seem to be any actual plot for the game just yet, though the creators have written up a lengthy history leading up to the start of the game over on their wiki. If you can ignore the fact that they insist on abbreviating it “cok-game,” the devs have a crowdsourcing effort going on over on that could probably use your help.

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  • Base says:

    This game have some real potential if you ask me. The graphics are nice, the system looks great and I get to have my own Town. It’s a fantasy coming true. I’m contributing to this project because there’s one harcore thing in this game that should be included in all RPG’s. There’s no journal if I got the guy right, you have to use pen and paper.. Wich is awesome!

  • Ravagar says:

    I’m outing myself here, but remember Pokemon for the Gameboy? Memories… and now this, a whole new world, a lot larger, with decisions and stuff! <3
    Totally agree to Base, can't wait for it!
    You'll have to "earn" the town buildings though. No cool village from scratch. Just wanted to mention that.
    See you online 😀

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