New release: Monster’s Den Chronicles

Dan Stradwick, formerly of Biclops Games and now the guy behind Monstrum Games, has released a new procedurally generated dungeon crawler by the name of Monster’s Den Chronicles.

For those unfamiliar with the series, these games are basically party-based roguelikes with a laser-like focus on combat and loot collection, as well as a solid 2×3, rows-and-columns combat system that bears some similarities to Exit Fate. (You can find our review of the previous Monster’s Den game here.)

Monster’s Den Chronicles is free to play on Armor Games. From my time spent playing it yesterday, I can confirm that it features more character classes, improved graphics, and a way way slicker interface than that found in previous games in the series. It also seems to feature terrain effects in combat, which is neat. Otherwise, however, the core game remains very similar.

Stradwick also mentions that you can upload your own custom character art and have it appear in-game. It’s a cool feature, though I can’t imagine myself actually using it. Still, if you feel like going all Super Smash Bros, there’s nothing preventing you. No, seriously:


Beyond that, the game is free. Did I mention that? Just go play it.


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