New release: Pitman

German developers Rat King Entertainment write in to inform me that a 3D graphical roguelike, developed in Unity, has emerged from the depths. In Pitman, you play a dwarf exploring procedurally generated dungeons of varying descriptions in search of treasure.

It’s a pretty standard premise, all in all. What helps Pitman stand out a bit, however, is its unusual board game presentation. Portions of each dungeon are dropped down at certain intervals, enemies are placed down and picked up from the board, and items are represented as cards. Really, all that’s missing from its board game motif are physics-based dice dropping onto the board and friends bickering about the rules with you.

There seem to be some pretty strict limits on the size of your inventory, at least at the start of the game, which should hopefully force some interesting choices as the game gets harder. Beyond that, the developer hasn’t brought any unique mechanics to my attention, and I haven’t had the time to play through this much yet myself.

Luckily, there is currently a free in-browser demo available on Kongregate, which you can check out here. There is also a trailer available for your viewing pleasure–have a look:

The full version of the game is available for $2.99 on Windows, Mac and iOS devices.

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