Dungeon Dashers announced

Andy Sum writes in with word that his company Jigxor is working on a turn-based, multiplayer co-op dungeon crawler by the name of Dungeon Dashers (not to be confused with its free, single-player predecessor Dungeon Dash).

The feature list includes:

  • Up to four-players playing together as a team over the internet
  • Hand-made dungeons (not procedurally generated) – allowing unique adventures with traps and interesting monster configurations
  • Many different types of monsters, weapons, and loot
  • 4-8 distinct player classes – allowing for a wide variety of playing styles and strategies
  • Intricately detailed retro pixel art sprites realised by Alex HW, and tiles by Dusty
  • Original chiptune soundtrack by various artists

Dungeon Dashers is planned for a Windows release, and a Mac version as well if there is sufficient demand. Here is the latest video showing off gameplay–as you can see, it looks pretty far along already (and true enough, Andy wants to release the game by the start of May):

You can pre-order for $10, which will net you an extra copy to give to a friend, as well as giving you access to various builds as Dungeon Dashers nears completion.

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