Hartacon announced

Charlie Fleed has just announced Hartacon, a multiplayer isometric turn-based tactics game for XBox 360 Indie Games. It clearly draws a lot of inspiration from Disgaea in its visual style, though it appears to be pure 2D in its implementation. I quote now from the developer:

Hartacon is a tactical multiplayer RPG game developed with XNA 4.
The game features creation and management of parties made of characters belonging to different classes, each with peculiar stats, skills and weapons. By winning battles, parties gain Upgrade Points (UPs), used to recruit new characters and buy new equipments, while individual characters gain Growth Points (GPs), used to learn new skills and increase stats.
The battle system is a classic tactical system, turn-based, and features traditional RPG elements such as elements and altered states. Players challenge each other in 2D isometric maps, playing against each other or teaming up in alliances.

I wonder what peculiar stats they’ll have? Maybe I can get a mage with 92 points in Underwater Basket Weaving. That would be neat.

There doesn’t seem to be an official website for Hartacon yet, so the forum will have to do for now. However, you should definitely check out this video to see the slick-looking engine in action.

There is no word yet on when Hartacon will be out, what it will cost, or whether it will be available on platforms other than XBox Indie Games (currently, it appears to be an XBLIG exclusive). However, there is a free PC demo available right here, so perhaps you can satisfy yourself with that for the time being.

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