New release: Silversword; Silversword 2 announced

I’m a bit late with this, since developer Mario Gaida didn’t email me upon his game’s release. Regardless, a little investigation on my part confirms that the Bard’s Tale-inspired first-person dungeon crawler Silver Sword is now out and is updated to version 2.09. It’s iOS-only, however–PC gamers are out of luck on this one. If you want to buy the game for your iPhone or iPad, you can nab it for $4.99.

More recently, Gaida has announced plans to release a sequel. He states that Silverword 2 will be full 3D, developed in Unity, and modeled after Wizardry 8. He’s currently fundraising for it over on the German crowdfunding site With 76 days left to go, he’s currently just under 14,000 euros shy of his fundraising goal. If you want to go help out, I’m sure he’d welcome your support.

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