New releases: Steel Knights and Golden Age: Endless Dungeon

We have a roguelike double-header today. Developers Cascade Studios and WombatRPGs have released a new, free roguelike by the name of Steel Knights. Interestingly, this one employs a sci fi theme, featuring firearms, ammo, three worlds, roughly 30 enemy types and four bosses.

You wake from the peaceful slumber of cryo and stumble out onto the cold metal floor of the Staging Point. Outside the reinforced windows the darkness of deep space can be seen highlighted against the deep red colour of a barren world. Your S.K. suit insulates you against the chill as the ships systems begin to come to life around you, bringing up the lights and activating the myriad of consoles and computer screens around you.

The pair of you have a simple brief, split across three locations. Discover what has happened onboard the Thunderchild. Locate the whereabouts of the crew and deal with whatever the source of the issue could be. This is what you do, and you’re well trained for it. All that remains is to pick where the best place is to begin your mission . . .

You can download Steel Knights for free here.

Now, there’s actually a second game by these same devs. They released another, somewhat less ambitious roguelike in the traditional fantasy vein last year by the name of Golden Age: Endless Dungeon. I was emailed about it at the time, but somehow I forgot to post about it. Well, there’s no shame in making up for lost time, right? Like Steel Knights, it’s free. You can download it or play it on Facebook.

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