Age of Decadence demo released

The Age of Decadence, a wRPG long in-the-making by Iron Tower Studio, has an updated demo as of a few days ago. I won’t list all of the changes they made, but you can rest assured that there are a lot of them.

Age of Decadence has had a combat demo out for quite some time, but this latest demo release isn’t just battling–this one is the real deal. From my brief time with it, I can confirm that there are elaborate branching quests, dialog choices, a whole slate of skills to choose from, and numerous skill-checks that open up new ways of approaching different situations.

Go ahead and download it, see what you think. (It seems the game is Windows-only, unfortunately, given that it’s running in Torque.) The full game is due for release in Spring 2013. If you’re moved to support the developers in advance of that date, you can pre-order Age of Decadence right here.

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  • Balakirev says:

    AoD frankly looks (and feels) very good. I offered to do a lengthy one with him for a magazine about 18 months ago, but he wrote back at the time that he wasn’t interested in interviews. I’m glad to see he’s changed his mind. They’re good publicity, especially if you have a sympathetic interviewer who knows something about RPGs and their development. Hope he doesn’t just try to sell it through his site, when the time comes for it to go gold. A few of the more indie-oriented portals make sense, in my opinion.

  • GhanBuriGhan says:

    @Balakirev: They have confirmed on the forums that they will publish it also through portals. Some apparently already approached them (taking a wild guess, I would say Desura and GOG would make sense). Whether it will appear on Steam depends on steam more than on ITS – I am a bit doubtful seeing that Steam didn’t accept e.g. Din’s curse, Eschalon chapter II or Frayed Knights (And Spiderweb only after their surprise success with Avadon on the iStore).

  • Vince says:

    @Balakirev: I don’t recall declining an interview (but my memory isn’t what it used to be). If you’re still interested, I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.


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