Cyber Knights RPG in open beta

Next up on our ongoing mobile RPG series is Cyber Knights RPG by The Trese Brothers, a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk tactical RPG. Although this game is not technically finished, it’s very much playable and in open beta.

The premise of Cyber Knights RPG should be familiar to anyone with even a passing familiarity with the conceits of cyberpunk:

The year is 2217 and the world ended a while ago.  Mega-corporations provide the final sanctuaries for humanity in the vast domed cities across our ruined planet.  Isolated for years, as the Global Matrix roars back to life, the world community is once again awakening.

And awakening a new age of competition.  The fires of corporate warfare are being stoked and all eyes are on the limited resources, the remaining metroplexes, and domination of the global technological and arms race.

You will take control of a Cyber Knight and work for these organizations on a need-to-know basis, burning out a living for yourself in this cold war conflict.  You are an urban mercenary–deniable and expendable.  You will assemble and train a team of elite runners, working the most dangerous and critical jobs you can handle, always pressing you limits, always right on the edge.

In the shadows of the metroplex, you will command your team in turn-based tactical combat to deploy skills, equipment and cybernetic implants for maximum effect.  Specialize your team members in stealth, combat or hacking skills. Dominate the mega-corporate landscape with infiltration, battle prowess or be a digital ghost.  Explore a massive persistent world with shops, citizens, contacts, jobs, drops, meetings and danger at every turn.

There’s a gameplay video, though in the execrable tradition of mobile game videos, it’s taken with a camcorder (there are alternatives, folks):

Cyber Knights RPG is currently still in beta, but it’s already playable and available for free on Google Play and on Amazon. Additionally, there is a separately listed “Elite” version of the game that costs money. I emailed the developers for a list of the differences in the Elite version, and got this reply:

For Cyber Knights, in the Elite experience you have access to all of the best equipment, cybernetic implants, gear, and contacts which you cannot get in the free version.  All the best guns and armor, the most alpha-implants–you have to play Elite to get access.  In addition, Cyber Knights allows your Knight to gather and groom a team of Runners who are his or her specialists, muscle, hackers, or negotiators.  In the Elite version, your team can grow up to 3 active Runners, while in free you can only have 1 other active Runner.

As Cyber Knights continues to develop in its BETA phase, we are working on more differences.  Soon there will be professions (such as Droid-master) that are only available in Elite, and I am finishing the art for a third Cyber Knight avatar.  We are working on two different story lines right now for the game, and one of them (the shorter, more tutorial story) will be available in free, while the longer more involved story will only be for Elite players.

Well! There you have it. You can find the Elite version for $1.99 on Google Play and Amazon.

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