Minion Master available for pre-order

I love a good tabletop war game, and I love Collectible Card games. Sadly, this love can never be due to the difficulties and constraints of living on a physical plane of existence. I want desperately to collect and paint miniature versions of heroic soldiers and horrifying monsters, but the limitations of a shared one-bedroom apartment have not allowed it; the excitement of peeling open the foil on a new booster pack and sorting through the treasures inside is surely one of life’s great joys, but my bank account has never been able to keep up with this pursuit of happiness.

Luckily, a studio in the Bay area called BitFlip Games exists, and they are developing a game that seeks to remedy the problems that I (and many other financially/spatially challenged gamers) have faced. Minion Master takes the depth of a tabletop war game, combines that with the fun of trading cards and deck building, then tops it off with a charming and fun-filled approach to art design. As of this writing, Minion Master features 30 minions to summon and do battle with, and over a hundred modifier cards. Both cooperative and versus multiplayer games are supported, and a level editor is included for those who like to tinker with terrain.

The best part? You’ll never have to waste your time setting up and cleaning  your gaming space. You won’t have to waste your time arguing about math or rules since the game engine will do all that for you. You won’t have to bench your overpowered cards and characters, as BitFlip is promising that “Cards are constantly tweaked to keep things balanced. There is no need for the dreaded ban hammer.”

BitFlip Games is planning to release the full version of Minion Master late in the year, but the pre-order allows you to play it right away and participate in its alpha and beta phases. In a classy move, BitFlip games is also going for an “open development” approach, meaning that you can see what they’re working on, see when new features will be finished, and provide instant feedback to the developers via their website. If you’ve ever been interested in seeing how games get made and being a part of that process, this is a great way to get involved.


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