New release: Andor’s Trail

Next up on our Big List of Mobile RPGs is Andor’s Trail, a roguelike with cute jRPG-style graphics created by Oskar Wiksten. Exclusive to the Android, Andor’s Trail is both free and open source–anyone can play the game, and anyone can contribute to the game’s further development.

I have absolutely no idea what the game’s actual storyline is–it doesn’t seem to be mentioned anywhere–so I’m going to proceed on the (relatively safe) assumption that a hero has to vanquish an ancient evil, or possibly recover a magic MacGuffin. In lieu of any story hooks to draw you in, please enjoy this video from GameBoom showing roughly 8-9 minutes of gameplay:

There is a fairly interesting interview with the developer over on Hookshot, Inc. in case you’re curious for more details about how Andor’s Trail is being developed. You can get Andor’s Trail for free right here, right now on Google Play. It’s technically not complete, but then again, no open source roguelike ever is.

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