New release: DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom

Breaking the string of Android exclusives, the next mobile RPG up on our list is an iPhone and iPad dungeon crawler by the name of DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom. Excitingly, Triniti Interactive Limited just released this overhead action RPG last week, which means I’m actually announcing this in a somewhat timely fashion. (Go me!)

An old king’s greed has unleashed a plague of evil upon the land, and destiny has chosen you to banish the monsters. The time has come to take up arms and deliver your people from darkness! But beware! As you grow stronger, so will your foes. You’ll need every skill and weapon in your arsenal to prevail. Do you have what it takes?

Destiny chose me, huh? Sweet. Maybe destiny can also give me some interesting abilities to do this with? What’s that? No? Oh…well, okay.

I’m not going to bother with the feature list–DevilDark is basically a straightforward hack-and-slasher with some very attractive stylized 3D graphics. This trailer should give you the gist:

DevilDark is of the increasingly common breed of game that sells for $0, then gives you the option to continuously drop ridiculous sums of money on in-app purchases. I’m not a fan of that model myself, but readers may feel differently. One way or another, you can grab the game right here at no cost to you.

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