New release: Earth and Legend

New from the Neverending Backlog of Mobile Indie RPGs comes Earth and Legend, a 3D over-the-shoulder action RPG by Dvide Arts. It strikes me as a pretty competent Elder Scrolls clone, right down to the dull storyline. Speaking of which:

As time passed on, each of the four Elementals used their unique powers of fire, water, earth and wind to maintain peace throughout the land. But one day without warning, the Elementals began to vanish one by one. It is said that Gyron, king of the Guardians of Darkness, captured each Elemental and imprisoned them in separate locations throughout the world, preventing them from using their combined powers for escape.

Now Gyron has begun moving his forces of darkness into the land of light. The only hope for the Guardians of Light is to choose from within the ranks of mankind a champion. This champion of light must find a way to unite The Elementals and stop the spread of darkness before all creatures of light have been destroyed.

You are this champion. You have been chosen to restore the balance of power and your journey begins within Earth And Legend.

Earth and Legend supports cooperative multiplayer, in-game pets, weather, a day and night cycle, and (apparently) fishing. Have a look at this trailer!

Earth and Legend goes for $6.99 on Google Play and on Amazon, and is available in English, French and German. This one is Android-only.

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  • CycyX says:

    Apprently (not tested mysel), the author gives 500 in-game credits if you put 5 stars to his game on Google Play. And those credits are mandatory for the first quest.

    Not very fair in my opinion…


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