Deepest Dungeons of Doom announced

The name is so absurd that it almost sounds like a parody, but indie developer MiniBoss seems quite serious about its upcoming three-button action RPG Deepest Dungeons of Doom.

DDD features three classes: the crusader, the witch and the shadowblade. Each dungeon is linear and partially randomly generated, with combat primarily a matter of timing attacks and blocks against a single opponent.

They’ve been making good progress on the game, as you can see from the gameplay video below:

MiniBoss have yet to announce an estimated release date for this game, but given the interface, it seems clear that this game is going to get a mobile release sooner or later.

MiniBoss write in to let me know that this game is estimated for release on Windows, Mac and Linux within the next few months, to be followed by a port to Android, iOS and Blackberry.

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