Eldgame announced

Word has reached my ear of

Eldgame, a single-player sandbox roguelike in development for Windows. I quote from the developer, Eld:

The game is going to be a procedural sandbox singleplayer experience focused on exploring, gathering, crafting/building and npc interaction. Exploration will be achieved by hopping between different worlds by finding portals, different worlds contain different floras, different temperatures and new exciting monsters.

Any plant that grows should be harvestable and regrown as long as the environment is correct, everything is persistent in the way that things keep on happening in other worlds while you’re not there, every piece of terrain is breakable and rebuildable as long as you have the tools to do it.

Intriguingly, there is also this:

As for challenge, I intend to have some kind of permanent death if so chosen, with some inheritance system where you’ll get or adopt children/pupils to be your successor when you eventually die or grow old, where skills and belongings could be transfered in some matter, be that via training or something else.

This is far from the only game of this sort being developed in the indie scene right now, but it is the most overtly RPG-like one I’ve seen lately. The inclusion of permadeath and multiple generations of characters is just icing on the cake. The developer has been good enough to post a video showing off some gameplay–take a look:

Although Eld is writing Eldgame for Windows to start, he states that he’s using libraries that should make Mac and Linux ports easy to do when the time comes. No word yet on a release date, but I’ll be keeping at least one of my eyes on this.

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