Mechlore announced

Word has reached my ears of Mechlore, an indie Diablo-alike that ditches linearity and procedural generation and opts for a robot-centric sci fi setting. In other words: it’s an action RPG with classes, branching skill progression, an isometric perspective, and lots of clicking. From the game’s website:

MechLore takes place in a large non-linear world. You can explore and fight enemies and bosses that you choose to fight, in any order you wish. As you progress through the game, you will collect loot, encounter randomized monsters with special abilities, solve puzzles and play mini-games.

Here are a couple of teaser trailers showing the game in action; the more recent one is up top:

The non-linear progression, focus on distinct areas with attendant boss battles at the end, and player skill progression based on defeating bosses all makes me think of Mega Man. Come to think of it, so does the idea of a robot warrior running around defeating other robots. And that health bar

Creator Jesse Norman has been working on Mechlore for quite some time already (3 years at last count), and has estimated a PC release “shortly after summer 2012.”

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