New release: Doom & Destiny

Word has reached my ears of a (relatively) new jRPG parody in the southern sky. (This is starting to become a thing, isn’t it?)

Doom & Destiny takes the time-honored real-world people dropped into a fantasy world pastiche and runs with it:

Doom & Destiny is a conventional Japanese style RPG with an unconventional mood. It tells the adventures of four nerdy friends trapped in a fantasy realm populated by cliché, strange characters and weirder villains. Mistaken for heroes they will take a long journey through dangers and mysteries to reveal the evil plot of Unnamed and his shady lieutenant. Will our heroes be able to find their way home without losing themselves in laughs and bad jokes?

Fight alongside Johnny, Nigel, Mike and Francis in many different locations from lava-filled dungeons to icy peaks : the new battle system encourages new game strategies giving the player the possibility to choose the party leader and simple battle tactics. Cast powerful fireballs with Nigel, quickly backstab unaware enemies with Francis, summon powerful Noodle Gods to heal your friends with Mike or slash your opponent to pieces with Johnny’s powerful sword. The fate of Destiny’s empire is in your hands.

As you can see from the trailer below, Doom & Destiny uses RPG Maker’s generic tile and character sets, but it seems pretty well-justified by the plot.

Two Fedoras strongly recommends this game, comparing it to the well-received Breath of Death VII and Cthulu Saves the World. Doom & Destiny costs 240 points on XBox Live Indie Games, with a free demo available in case you feel the need to try it out before dropping those three measly dollars. There is no PC release at present, but perhaps that will change? co-developer Benjamin Ficus confirms that a PC version is scheduled for release by the end of summer.

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