New release: LostStar Tactics

James Pawliuk, the man behind developer Wispora, has created an iOS-exclusive, sci-fi tactical RPG by the name of LostStar Tactics. The premise is nothing if not simplistic:

Crashed on a dangerous planet, your small band of brave warriors must use their tactical cunning to survive as they explore this mysterious world.

That’s pretty much it, narrative-wise. The mechanics, however, hold a lot more interest. Characters are subject to a stamina system, replenished by resting for a turn. Most units have a set of skills determined by their class, but your commander draws moves at random from a customizable deck of cards within each battle.

You can get LostStar Tactics on the Apple App Store. It appears to be on sale for $0.99 right now, though there’s no mention of what the game costs normally. Here’s a TouchArcade review to assist you in deciding whether to buy, as well as a 12-minute gameplay video:

If that wasn’t enough, consider grabbing the game’s free demo to try it out for yourself.

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