New release: Monster RPG 2

Trent Gamblin of Nooskewl writes in with word of Monster RPG 2, a jRPG where…you recruit an elephant? You guys see that too, right? That’s not just me? Okay, cool.

Here is the plot, as summarized by the developer:

The game opens on a girl and guy picking mushrooms in the forest, and they find an old wizards staff which then possesses the guy and chaos ensues as the girl tries to rescue him from the staff. The story develops from there into new things.

Sooo…it’s pretty reminiscent of the plot from Dragon Quest VIII. Whatever. This game has an elephant, people. You want an original plot on top of that? What a bunch of whiners you are.

Monster RPG 2 has evidently been out since 2010, but it was just recently released for Android for the first time, giving me a perfect excuse to write about this as a new release! (Perfect.)

Oh, look: a trailer.

Those are some pretty nice battle graphics, actually. I have to give the game credit there.

Monster RPG 2 is available for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac and Linux for $2.99–pretty cheap if you’re looking for an excuse to build up a party while taking turns whacking things that aren’t the same species as you.

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  • jackal27 says:

    I owned this game for my iPhone and remember it being pretty clunky and ugly, but I’d be willing to give it another shot on the PC I suppose.


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