New release: Warlock’s Bounty

Emil Bakalinov of Attic Squad writes in to announce the release of a unique new game called Warlock’s Bounty for Android.

The narrative premise is simple:

You are a mighty wizard, once apprenticed to the sorcerer Corax Whiteraven, guardian of the lands of Lloegyr. When Whiteraven’s familiar appears out of the blue carrying an urgent message from its master, you embark upon a mission that will test your mettle and magical abilities to the full. For Lloegyr’s guardian – the greatest sorcerer of them all – is in danger, and needs your help!

Nothing new there. Where it gets interesting is in the game’s structure. The developer describes Warlock’s Bounty as “A Choose Your Own Adventure Gamebook with Collectible Magic Cards Combat.” There is a pretty detailed rundown of how it works on the game’s page. You can get a bit of a sense for how this looks in action via the trailer below:

You can grab the full game for a mere $2.65 on Google Play.

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