Chronicles of a Dark Lord episodes announced / released

Are we tired yet of RPGs where the twist is that you play the bad guy? No? Good. In that case, you’ll be glad to hear that there is an indie jRPG series called Chronicles of a Dark Lord in that vein, created in RPG Maker by Kisareth Studios.

Actually, that’s not true: there isn’t just one jRPG called Chronicles of a Dark Lord; there are a ton of them. Or there will be, at any rate. There is a first episode out, a second episode due for release sometime next year, a prequel in the works for sometime this year, and a third episode due to be released…well, all they say is “TBA.” (Check out this podcast for more details straight from the mouth of John Sierra, Kisareth’s Director of Graphics Design.) In short: only one episode is out so far, but these guys seem awfully determined to turn this into a series.

There is a review of the first episode up on Indie Game Reviewer; if you’re curious, you can nag a free demo from the game’s page. There is also a trailer, but I’d suggest watching this much more informative video instead:

Nab the first episode for $4.99 here.; Windows-only for now, though I understand that Kisareth are working on bringing it to XBLIG in the not-too-distant future.

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