Echoes of Aeons announced

Alchimia Studios writes in to announce the development of Echoes of Aeons, a 2.5D action RPG with some very attractive hand-painted art and animations.

The premise:

Eldric entered the shop unaware of the eyes watching him from just beyond the pumpkin field fence, just into the morning trees in the forest of Westwood. He was unaware that while he had slept, the small adamantium crystal given to him in his youth by his parents the day they were killed, had been glowing on the leather cord tied around his neck.

Unaware of the war brewing between the kingdoms; of a King and his daughter’s disagreement; of the shadows beginning to creep across the land – unaware that the stories being told of strange dark creatures beginning to appear seemingly from nowhere, and attacking innocent townsfolk across the rural lands might actually be more than just tall tales told beside a campfire to scare friends.

But unawareness could stop you dead in your tracks from things you thought weren’t even real. Unawareness could even hang the fate of the worlds upon your shoulders – if you weren’t careful – without you even knowing it.

Unawareness could kill you in a bloody heartbeat.

Mechanically speaking, EoA’s perspective and action-based combat makes it look…well, kind of Streets of Rage-y, frankly. Take a look at this early informational trailer Alchimia were kind enough to provide:

This is yet another game that will be finished no matter what, but which you can support on Kickstarter if you want to see it released faster. (It is planned for release in 6 months, assuming a successful campaign.) Echoes of Aeons is planned for Windows and Mac release, as well as release on iOS and Android.

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  • jackal27 says:

    Looking very awesome. I am loving the visuals and the ideas behind story structure. Can’t wait to play this when it releases.

  • Jordan says:


    Thanks for the kind words! We are excited to get this game done as well. Keep an eye out for updates over the coming months!

    Alchimia Studios


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