Moon Intern announced

I met the developers from new indie dev studio Cosmosaur a few months ago at a student show. At that time, they showed me a game they were working on, a side-scrolling action RPG named Moon Intern.

Well, that game is now a thing! Based on what I remember from talking to them, you play the brand-new whipping-boy of earth’s (now colonized) moon. As the intern for the entire moon, literally anyone can boss you around–which, conveniently, justifies the old “anyone and everyone can give you a quest” trope RPG players are so familiar with. There’s even a bit of subtle commentary on the way interns are abused in the modern American economy, as you’ll frequently have to perform tasks gratis that any sane person would want wages to compensate. (Some of this may have changed since I last spoke to them, however).

Moon Intern is currently planned as a serial, meaning that it will come out in episodes. Cosmosaur have put together a nice little video explaining how the game is going to work, including some legitimately intriguing stuff about the extent to which the world will change based on your choices:

Now, you may have noticed that currently links directly to a Kickstarter page; that is because Cosmosaur are fundraising to help them develop the game. I am assured, however, that the game will be getting made even if they don’t succeed–it will just be harder and take them longer to do it.

Moon Intern is scheduled for release on PC, Mac and Linux in 2013 (depending, presumably, on how their fundraising efforts go).

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