New release: Kingturn RPG

There’s a new indie strategy RPG in the southern sky, folks. By “the southern sky,” I of course mean “the Android app store”; and by “new,” I mean “new to me.” (It was released in March.)

Courtesy of questionably named indie developer Mangobile comes Kingturn RPG, a turn-based strategy RPG with a distinctly political plot:

The young mage and scholar Nicolette becomes the new ruler of the earldom of Montbelliard after her lord-father has passed away peacefully.
Having not come of age, yet, Nicolette finds herself unprepared for the games of power played by the other noble houses.
Surrounded by enemies and with the prospect of marrying an unknown noble for political reasons only, her fate takes its course …

Kingturn RPG involves both strategy (moving armies across the world map) and turn-based tactical battles you control with each of your armies. The game takes place across 65 scenarios, and features 30 character classes, more than 700 items, and a persistent army of characters you can level up and teach various new skills.

You can have a look at this trailer to get a sense of how the game plays:

Kingturn RPG costs $4.89, and is available through Google Play.

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